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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Final Touch Interiors has now professional Window Coverings Installers, certified by Hunter Douglas

We at Final Touch Interiors always found that a custom window covering is only as good as its installation.
Hunter Douglas the nations largest window coverings manufacturer has made a significant effort to provide an ongoing installer training program. It serves the purpose to properly educate professional installers on the most effective and up-to-date methods of installing its innovative products, including new Pirouette Window Shades, Luminette® Privacy Sheers, Silhouette® window shadings and Duette® honeycomb shades.certified professional Installers Hunter Douglas
We recently attended the company’s Certified Professional Installer Training Program SM and are now a Certified Hunter Douglas Professional Installer Outfit. Final Touch Interiors, took part in a three-day intensive workshop, the only one of its kind in the industry, giving installers the tools they need to install window coverings more efficiently and meet many of the challenges encountered at the window. In attending the Hunter Douglas Professional Installer Program, it allowed us to work in a hands-on environment and meet with product experts who answered our questions and addressed challenges. We were able to network with other installers to share tips and techniques in the Window Coverings Industry. Our certified installers are the best in the industry, said Andy Irwin, Hunter Douglas Manager of Installer Training.  “They are exceptionally well trained and are committed to providing consumers with the highest quality measuring and installation services.” Should your need arise for new Window Shades and or Window Coverings or a professional measure and install, call us at 914.299.8160

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Carpet Runners for Stairs and Hallways

Herati Carpet Runner 26inches wide

Herati Stair Carpet Runner
Aubussoni Carpet Runner 26inches wide
Aubusson Stair Carpet Runner

Stair Carpet Runners and or Hallway Runners are a great add on to enhance the ambiance of a sometimes dull Hallway or Stairway. They fit perfectly, it does not matter if the home is traditional or a modern House.
The Carpet Runners come in a width of 26inches so they fit most Hallways and Stairs. Constructed with a 100% Wool Pile. These Runners carry also a Five Star rating, so they are qualified for commercial use and they will also perform in a residential home. Several Designs are available, from Oriental to modern. All Carpet Runners are available through Final Touch Interiors, LLC. a fine Interior Designer with quality Products.


Saturday, December 06, 2008

Custom Roman Shades

To combat todays economic times, one has to come up with simple Window coverigs solutions and adjust to customers budget needs when offering custom made Window Coverings. So we came up with a custom shade program called Canvas Roman Shades

Advantages of the Canvas Roman Shades Program

  • Easy to order
  • It contains four of our most popular Shade Styles
  • A great Value and perfectly priced
  • Comes in 12 different Color ways
  • Four different Lining options

Following below are our Styles listed and a short explanation of each Roman Shade Styles


Pacifica Roman Shade

Soft Roman Shade

Soft Roman Shade

Flat Roman Shade

A unique, elegant design with no horizontal seams or stitching. Small tack stitches, visible on the fabric face, create a gentle memory line for the folds and add character to the shade. Can be used in any design scheme. Often used in a layered treatments with draperies and valacnes.


Tahoe Roman Shade

Additional we offer also several lifting options for the Canvas Roman Shade which all specifically have child safety incorporated. Inquire for any additional info at 914.299.8160 The Final Touch Interiors, LLC.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Wood Pellet Stove purchase

Even though Heating Oil PricesIntegra II by Austroflamm/Rika
Freestanding Pellet Stove - contemporary style
have come down the last couple of days, most Homeowners are struggling to find a suitable replacement or add on for heating their home in Winter time, to compat the huge increases in Energy Costs.
Valuable information is hard to come by and many times more like a sales pitch. A product which has been a favorite of mine is the Wood Pellet Stove.The Wood Pellet Stove can be used as a stand alone product or as an insert in your existing Fire Place. When comparing the heating costs of Wood Pellets to Heating Oil one will understand quite quickly how much savings are possible in using a Wood Pellet Stove.
Take a look at this very helpfull and valuable Fuel Calculator: Fuel CalculatorHarman Accentra Pellet Fireplace Insert
Traditional Cast Iron Pellet Stove Insert
A great Web site to visit with info about Gas-inserts, Wood Stoves and of course Pellet Stoves and Pellet Stove Inserts is the Hearth Forum .
Nevertheless, to get you started I listed below some points which are important when considering the purchase of a

Wood Pellet Stove
  • Is the wood pellet stove certified by a quality label and a CE compliance label?
  • Is the efficiency rating of the pellet stove above 85% at maximum load?
  • Did an independent testing institute in USA test the stove's emissions and efficiency?
  • What is the noise level from the stove? Is the sound level at low output less than 43dBa?
  • Does the pellet stove have a convection air fan for good heat distribution?
  • Is the stove self-modulating according to the heat demand?
  • Does the stove offer any standby feature for a less pellet fuel consumption?
  • Does the stove have a large ash pan?
  • What kind of room temperature regulation (thermostat) does the stove have to avoid overheating?
  • What kind of safety features has the stove?
  • Does the stove design allow for easy cleaning of the internal flue passages?
  • What kind of flame pattern and view does the stove give?
Location of Wood Pellet Stove
  • Is the stove heat output adequate for the room it is going to be located in?
  • Is the stove located to allow sufficient clearance with combustible surfaces and materials?
  • Is there a properly wired outlet for electricity near the stove location?
  • Is their enough fresh air supply to the stove for a safe and efficient combustion? If not, how can outside air be drawn from an appropriate location?
Venting (chimney or flue pipe) for Pellet Stove
  • Is there provision for appropriate access to maintain and clean the venting system?
  • Is the minimum clearance between the vent and combustible materials respected?
  • Does the existing or proposed vent comply with the stove manufacturer's instructions?
  • Does the venting system recommended take into consideration local factors like altitude, windy conditions,
  • internal negative pressure (in very airtight houses or due to strong fans)?
Installation and Building Inspectors approval
  • Does the dealer offer delivery, installation, local building inspectors approval and after sales service?
  • Is the floor protected according to the pellet stove manufacturer's instructions?
  • What training and experience have the professionals involved in the installation?
  • How long will the installation take?
  • Who cleans up after the installation work?
  • Are the joints and seams of the vent pipes properly sealed to avoid exhaust gas leakage in the room?
  • What are the procedure and tests carried out when commissioning the system?
Operation and maintenance of Wood Pellet Stove
  • Is full documentation, including the user's manual, provided with the stove?
  • Is the fire started manually or automatically?
  • What is the pellet storage capacity of the stove and how long can it operate with one refill at nominal heat
  • output BTU's?
  • What kind of wood pellets (quality and size) have to be used with the stove?
  • What maintenance tasks have to be performed by a professional and how regularly?
  • What is the range of annual costs (fuel and maintenance) under average conditions?
  • How often do I have to empty the ash pan?
  • Does the dealer have spare parts available?
Costs and Payments for Wood Pellet Stove
  • Does the quotation cover all the costs associated with the installation of the stove (stove, vent)
  • installation/delivery, floor protection)?
  • What are the financing options and payment terms?
After-sales services for Wood Pellet Stove
  • What is the manufacturer's or supplier's warranty for each component of the pellet heating system?
  • What guarantees / warranties are provided for the installation?
  • Is an annual service contract available from the Dealer or Pellet Stove Supplier?
  • How does the Dealer provide emergency service work if required
  • Does the Dealer help in furnishing Wood Pellets for a reasonable price and deliver to home?


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Interior Design News

Morning Glory Table by Marc Thorpe for Moroso

22 Apr 2014 at 4:56pm

Inspired by his own garden, Brooklyn designer Marc Thrope created this fascinating table for Moroso of Italy. It looks almost surreal in a crowd! And it was made to be displayed like this - in a cluster. Wouldn't it look great ganged together like this in an outdoor cafe? Made from powder coated steel, it will hold up just fine to the elements. The colors are all drawn from nature - burnt red/orange, ocher, beige and green. The base is stem-like, and welded to mimic the vines of the morning glory flower. The tops are three laser cut "leaves", at different heights. These would be fantastic patio tables or perhaps you have a corner indoors that is missing that special something? They'd be great in a window with plants on them, too. A versatile piece of furniture, a nod to nature and superior design - the Morning Glory is a table for all seasons.

Combining Ice and Light: Frozen Lamp by Lavsit

22 Apr 2014 at 2:37pm

Creating a solid object from a liquid material is what glass is all about. And what ice is all about. So there we have it - the Frozen Lamp. Designed by Maxim Velcovsky for Lavsit, it perfectly captures the moment when solid turns liquid - and vice versa. Doesn't this hanging lamp look like it is made from ice that is a fraction of a second away from melting? Available in two sizes, you could hang them as one-offs, you could combine like-sizes along a breakfast bar - or you could mix and match in a group light setting. The thickness of the glass is adequate to soften the light somewhat, and that's something you don't always see in sculptural glass lamps. Each piece is one of a kind, individually hand blown. The technique results in different textures, different thicknesses, a different diffusion of light from each piece. As all glassblowers understand, there comes a moment when you must "freeze" your design in time - allow the molten liquid to become solid. Velcovksy has truly mastered this moment with his new Frozen Lamp.

Private Work Station with Style: Tuttomio by Campeggi

22 Apr 2014 at 10:41am

Talk about a funky place to work on your tablet or laptop (or phone for that matter). Totally private, yet quite open and airy. How did they do that? Italian designer Emanuele Magini created this incredible pod-like space for Campeggi (also of Italy). Magini has won several international awards and was a former set designer for Disney Italy. His Tuttomio is such a delightful small, protected and private nook where you can read, write, work, sleep - even day dream! Tuttomio means All Mine in Italian and this space truly is all yours - once inside, the outer world disappears. Viewed from the outside, it is a piece of design simplicity with great style that looks fantastic in any room. Can you imagine an office full of these work stations, everyone with their own "Tuttomio" space? Could this clever design become the office cubicle of the future? Here's hoping!

Charming Loveseat for the Garden: Dala by Dedon

17 Apr 2014 at 8:58am

The latest addition to the Dala Collection by Dedon is this charming loveseat with ample room for two to snuggle up on the patio. Or by the lake, or on the balcony, or out by the pool. Like the rest of the collection, the frame of this garden bed is built using expanded aluminum and woven with Dedon's proprietary ecological fiber, made from a mix of recycled food and drink packaging. Isn't that neat? Designed by Stephen Burks for Dedon, the collection keeps growing as its popularity soars. And it's easy to move around to take full advantage of the sun - the loveseat is set on rollerblade castors and glides almost effortlessly. And it's extremely lightweight. The removable table swivels and is perfect for holding that tall cool drink. Can't you imagine curling up on this loveseat with that special someone? Summertime, and the living is easy -- with the Dala Collection.

'Origine Du Monde, Maybe!' Chair by Italo Rota for Meritalia

7 Jun 2010 at 11:54pm
meritalia-chair-source-du-monde-1.jpg It?s a chair that brings ?creature comforts? back home. Dubbed the ?Origine Du Monde, Maybe!? chair, this unusual, ultra-modern chair was design by Italo Rota for Italian furniture house Meritalia. The soft hues complement the plush cushions perfectly, forming what the designed has described as ?uterine sensuality.? The cushions are made of memory foam which, in keeping with the obviously maternal theme of the design, reminds us of protection, rest and the future. The base is made from polished aluminum, irregular in shape, just like the chair concept as a whole, If you like unique, one-of-a-kind pieces, this is a must-see! Check it out at Meritalia. meritalia-chair-source-du-monde-2.jpg

Artwork Radiators by Caleido

14 May 2010 at 12:10pm
caleido-radiator-therme-1.jpg Is it a radiator, or is it artwork? These cool modern radiators by Caleido are both! The Therme home radiator is an masterful swirl of brilliant hues reminiscent of watercolor. For more-modern tastes, the Geiger radiator features a computer-generated design set on a sleek, black background. The elongated rectangular shape is easy to incorporate among your existing artwork, or let it steal the spotlight and feature it as an art piece all on its own. These cool radiators are by Karim Rashid, who stayed true to his signature funky style. These new radiators made their debut at Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2010. Fore more info visit Caleido. caleido-radiator-geiger-1.jpg

Funky Furniture by Bruehl - Coupole and Morning Dew

7 May 2010 at 12:03am
funky-furniture-bruehl-3.jpg This new funky furniture by German company Bruehl is inspired by natural forms with an ultra-modern edge. Featuring the ups and downs of mountaintops with an abstract twist, the Coupole sofa and armchair (pictured above) by designer Kati Meyer-Bruhl feature a curved back and armrests and a delicate body clad in fabric that?s heaven to the touch, available in white and sky blue. The Morning Dew chairs (pictured below), also by designer Kati Meyer-Bruhl, are inspired by tulips, with their graceful petals forming the back and arm rests. A soft seat in an irregular shape beckons. This modern flower-inspired chair is featured in vibrant rose and white upholstery, as well as red-and-white plaid. Combine the Coupole and Morning Dew lines for a fun living room or a funky family room. Visit Bruehl for details. funky-furniture-bruehl-1.jpg funky-furniture-bruehl-2.jpg funky-furniture-bruehl-4.jpg funky-furniture-bruehl-5.jpg

Outdoor Armchair Ibiscus and Sofa Meridienne by Moroso

29 Apr 2010 at 8:50pm
moroso-armchair-ibiscus-1.jpg The grand finale to the epic Moroso M?Afrique collection sends it out with a bang! As the final pieces of the outdoor furniture line, the Ibiscus armchair and the Meridienne sofa by designer Dominique Petot make a style statement that screams: Big! Bold! Beautiful! The design consists of wild shapes and even wilder woven patterns if you can imagine that. These vibrant red, brown and white patio pieces echo the shape of a traditional British armchair and lounger, with armrests and a high back to recline into. Frames come in the choice of natural or lacquered steel. Check out this cool outdoor furniture line at Moroso. moroso-sofa-meridienne-1.jpg


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