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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Trimmings and Tassels for how many uses ?

In one of my present projects, we have to use a lot of Trimmings and Tassels. In my research, I found an interesting brochure about “How to use Trimmings and Tassels in One Hundred and One Ways”.

1.) Key Tassels on pillow corners
2.) Cord around a bedspread or coverlet
3.) Fringe along the edges of an area rug
4.) Tassels at the corners of an are rug
5.) Tiebacks to hold back drapery panesl
6.) Key Tassels as window shade pulls
7.) Tassel Fringe on lampshades
8.) Chair Tie Tassels as pull cords on decorative lamps
9.) Tassel Fringe as Christmas garland
10.) Key Tassels or Chair Tassels as Christmas ornaments
11.) Key Tassels on special keys left in a keyhole
12.) Key Tassels or Chair Tassels as bell pulls
13.) Cord as napkin rings
14.) Tassels on place setting menus
15.) Cord on the edges of pillows
16.) Gimp applied to the front of pillows
17.) Cord as contrast welting on upholstery pieces
18.) Chair Ties for securing cushions to a chair
19.) Gimp as borders on placemats
20.) Cord along the edges of tablerunners
21.) Tassel Fringe around bed skirts
22.) Gimp as borders on napkins
23.) Chair Ties as embellishments for simple slipcovers
24.) Chair Ties for simple drapery tiebacks
25.) Tassels at the points of tablerunners
26.) Tassel Fringe around the edges of table toppers
27.) Key Tassels at the corners of table toppers
28.) Bullion Fringe along the bottom edge of tableskirts
29.) Tassel Fringe around the diameter of the top of tableskirts
30.) Cord along the edges of bolsters
31.) Braided Cord as tiebacks
32.) Bullion Fringe on the bottom of upholstery skirts
33.) Gimp on the edges of lampshades
34.) Moss Fringe for a “hula” effect on seat cushions
35.) Gimp as the banding on upholstery skirts
36.) Cord on the base of upholstery skirts
37.) Cord on the edges of lampshades
38.) Gimp in place of ribbon on decorative memo screens
39.) Cord in place or ribbon when tying packages
40.) Gimp as a border on walls
41.) Gimp to outline or frame wall sections (in place of moulding or chair railing)
42.) Tiebacks or Chair Tassels to hang from corners of foot stools
43.) Tiebacks or Chair Tassels to mark the center of ornate valances and cornices
44.) Gimp on the decorative top edge of a bedding flat sheet
45.) Tiebacks or Chair Tassels to hang from the corners of floor pillows
46.) Cord on the leading edges of swags and jabots
47.) Gimp to cover upholstery tacks on wood frame furniture
48.) Bullion Fringe at the base of chair seats - to hang over exposed legs
49.) Gimp to hide the seams of wall upholstery
50.) Gimp on decorative screens
51.) Tassel Fringe on shower curtain valances
52.) Gimp to outline cornice boards
53.) Cord in place of any fabric welting
54.) Cord ot cover butted edges of wall upholstery
55.) Cord as festoons over swags
56.) Cord with Lip along the leading edges of drapery panels
57.) Cord at the top of valances with Tassel Fringe trimming the bottom edge of valances
58.) Fringe on the bottom edge of window shades
59.) Fringe on the leading edges of drapery panels
60.) Fringe on the edges of swags and Jabots
61.) Combine the two types of Fringe, ie. Bullion and Tassel or Bullion and Moss for decorative layering
62.) Key Tassels at the base pendant of chandeliers
63.) Cord festooning bed hangings
64.) Tiebacks on bed hangings
65.) Tassel Fringe on canopies
66.) Fringe applied to hang towels
67.) Cord looped along the top of drapery panels to form “rings” for hanging on decorative rods
68.) Cord as welting on slipcovers
69.) Cord or Gimp as decorative picture hangers
70.) Moss Fringe along the edges of window seat cushions of chair cushions
71.) Gimp at the edge of a ruffle on a pillow
72.) Cord or Fringe wherever you have a seam
73.) Gimp at the edges of wood framed furniture
74.) Gimp on top of seat cushions to define the area or shape of a seat
75.) Tassel Fringe on the edge of a throw
76.) Moss Fringe or Tassel Fringe around chair arms
77.) Bullion Fringe to trim the base of sink skirts
78.) Chair Ties to lace up a slipcover
79.) Tassels or Trimmings to decorate gift packages
80.) Key Tassels on Door Knobs
81.) Tassel Fringe on the edges of pillows
82.) Gimp along the edge of bed skirts
83.) Key Tassels as a key ring
84.) Bullion Fringe at the bottome edge of shower curtains
85.) Tassel Fringe to define the top edge of a sink skirt
86.) Key Tassels on drawer pulls
87.) Moss Fringe on the edges of pillows
88.) Loop Fringe along the edge of bed skirts
89.) Gomp as a stabilizer for bulletin boards
90.) Fringe on hanging picture Frames
91.) Chair Ties as gaterhing devices for infomal swags
92.) Gimp to outline the kidney shape of a vanity skirt
93.) Tiebacks and Cording to hang Tapestry
94.) Bullion Fringe along the edges of a vanity skirt
95.) Chair Ties to bundle a group of antique linens
96.) Tassel Fringe along the edges of a pretty umbrella
97.) Chair Ties around flreshly cut flowers
98.) Bullion Fringe at the ends of a shawl
99.) Gimp in place of embroidery for a large monogrammed pillow
100.) Cord to festoon or drape on top of window treatments, to add extra dimension
101.) Tiebacks, Chair Ties or Cord as a sash with a catsuit! Verve!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Choosing a Glass Top Table

As we are a perfect Source for Custom Fabricated Glass, I thought it would be perfect to give our future Customers an Index of Ideas

A.) Choosing the Right Base and Top for your Glass Top Table.
We can get glass in virtually any size and shape. But how do you decide what size and shape is right for you?
The best way to determine your size requirements is to use masking tape to outline your table top dimensions on the floor or carpet. Arrange chairs and other furniture to allow comfortable dining and foot traffic around your Table. Most common shapes for Glass Tops are as follows:
Square - Rectangle - Octagon - Boat - Circle - Racetrack Oval - Elliptical Oval and French Curve.
Click on the Chart to see in detail the Chart for Seating Capacities on your Table.
Table seating chartThe base of the table should support 1/3 to 1/2 of the top’s total area. Remember that it is also important to consider the span of the bottom of your base. If the bottom is too small, the table can also fall. Be careful if the bottom of your base is smaller than the top.

B.) Standard heights
The height of the table depends mostly on it’s use. We use following guideline for heights of our glass tables.
12-14” for a cocktail or coffee table
20-22” for a lamp or occasional table
27-28 for a console or sofa table
29-31” for a breakfast or dining table

C.) Glass Type
Clear is the most popular type of glass, having a rich green cast
Frosted glass is sandblasted , putting a soft, light-diffusing ‘frost’ on the glass. Any tint of glass can be frosted.
Starphire is the clearest glass available, having a gemlike aqua-blue tint added to the edge.
There are other types available too but are inappropriate for dining tables or other applications where heavy glass would be used.
Jumbo Size Glass is’nt for everyone, but is a perfect solution for that high powered corporate boardroom.
You can order also tempered glass glass for high traffic areas such as restaurants, hotels and department stores. For an amazingly small upcharge, tempered glass eliminates your concern over serious injury. Glass Edge ChoicesTempered glass is about four times stronger than untreaded glass. In the unlikely event that tempered glass is broken, it crumbles into tiny fragments. These fragments are too small to cause serious injury. When in doubt, specify tempered glass.
D.) Edge Designs
Another opportunity to express yourself creatively. Click on the chart to see the variety of edge treatments.
Last not least: The information in our Guide is extremely general, and may vary greatly with any Application. This does not constitute a warranty of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Residential Design 2006 Tradeshow Boston part two

Back again from a short exhausting Trip to the Residential Trade Show in Boston. The Drive was fun as it was snowing - now in April.

Fortunately, Boston had only slight rain. Not that I don’t like snow, but everything at its right time. At the present trip I was a better prepared and had the correct Maps with me, so I couldn’t get lost like last time. I’m still searching for the right GPS Receiver for my Car. One thing everybody probably knows if you get lost in Boston with all that constant Construction work and frequent traffic congestions, it is not a pleasure to drive there.Off the Highway and into one of the big Parking Lots in Front of the Seaport World Trade Center, due to the rainy weather it wasn’t a problem to find an empty Parking Space in walking distance to the Main Entrance of the Trade Show.

As already mentioned the Show is one of the smaller ones. And as always, this time the Planners worked hard again, to make the Attendee’s feel comfortable. The Organizers successfully imitated the Entrance into the Exhibitors hall, to look like a walkway in a Garden. The arrangement was very nicely executed. The so-called walkway was bordered on both sides with nice Stone Gravel on the Ground.  Several small and large Flower Arrangements with lots of green and bright yellow, red colors where added in different combinations. The in between spaced Water Fountains, gave the visitor to the Trade Show the perfect Illusion of a walkway in a Garden.

As this is a regional Trade show, one will find a lot of local Distributors or local Manufacturer’s, which show their Products and or Services. I happen to like this set up very much. The smaller Size of the Show gives one more time to talk to the Exhibitors and the next Person behind you is not breathing down your Neck, waiting that you get out of their way, so they have a chance to get their questions answered.When visiting any Tradeshow it’s very important to set up several goals to make the visit a successful one. I like to use following guidelines.

a.) Why do you want to visit that particular Trade Show?
b.) Familiarize yourself in who has representation at the Show
c.) Before attend the show, make notes which Exhibitors you want to visit and get info from.
d.) Follow through at the Exhibition Floor which Firms you need to visit
e.) And last not least, after the Trade Show: Follow up with phone calls on items of Interest etc.

This simple rules have helped me to get the best out of every Show. One example was my visit to the Booth of Nemetschek-North America. An American Software developer which has great CAD Software for AEC, entertainment, landscape design and machine design industries. We are using their Vectorworks Architect Cad Software in our office in conjunction with Interior CAD. We use both CAD Programs to do our space planning, lighting design, as well kitchen and bath projects for our clients. An absolute must for every serious Interior Designer. I had a couple of outstanding Software issues, where I needed some more info and answers. When talking to the Representative of Nemetschek, we took on the 30min together in discussing our items, which is a lot of time for visiting one Show Booth.One could not spend that much time at another Trade Show with a Representative. But at the same time I also had a chance to network with other Interior Designers, which use the same Software. And it is quite educational to see how other professionals solve interior design issues, which we face on a daily basis. But, I got my questions answered and went away with valuable needed info. More on interesting items from the Boston Residential Show will follow.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Residential Design 2006 Tradeshow Boston

As every year, I’m headed tomorrow to Boston for this week’s Residential Design Show 2006, from the Boston Society of Architects. This Trade Show takes place every year in spring time at the Boston World Trade Center for two days. Its one of my favorites, as there is a lot to look forward too.  Not one of the big Mega-shows, but still has over 250 booths filled with the latest residential products and services. The Show gives one a chance to examine new products and materials, pick up literature on new services and discover new technologies available for present and or future projects. And as it is not a large show, I do enjoy the more personalized Service too. Something one can’t get on the big Mega-shows.  Second a nice opportunity to network with colleagues and chat about our business. Bostonians work sometimes different than the rest of us in our industry. And last not least it’s also a must to visit some of the very good Sea Food Restaurant’s, which Boston has plenty of.


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DRAFT: Morning Glory Table by Marc Thorpe for Moroso

22 Apr 2014 at 4:56pm

Inspired by his own garden, Brooklyn designer Marc Thrope created this fascinating table for Moroso of Italy. It looks almost surreal in a crowd! And it was made to be displayed like this - in a cluster. Wouldn't it look great ganged together like this in an outdoor cafe? Made from powder coated steel, it will hold up just fine to the elements. The colors are all drawn from nature - burnt red/orange, ocher, beige and green. The base is stem-like, and welded to mimic the vines of the morning glory flower. The tops are three laser cut "leaves", at different heights. These would be fantastic patio tables or perhaps you have a corner indoors that is missing that special something? They'd be great in a window with plants on them, too. A versatile piece of furniture, a nod to nature and superior design - the Morning Glory is a table for all seasons.

Combining Ice and Light: Frozen Lamp by Lavsit

22 Apr 2014 at 2:37pm

Creating a solid object from a liquid material is what glass is all about. And what ice is all about. So there we have it - the Frozen Lamp. Designed by Maxim Velcovsky for Lavsit, it perfectly captures the moment when solid turns liquid - and vice versa. Doesn't this hanging lamp look like it is made from ice that is a fraction of a second away from melting? Available in two sizes, you could hang them as one-offs, you could combine like-sizes along a breakfast bar - or you could mix and match in a group light setting. The thickness of the glass is adequate to soften the light somewhat, and that's something you don't always see in sculptural glass lamps. Each piece is one of a kind, individually hand blown. The technique results in different textures, different thicknesses, a different diffusion of light from each piece. As all glassblowers understand, there comes a moment when you must "freeze" your design in time - allow the molten liquid to become solid. Velcovksy has truly mastered this moment with his new Frozen Lamp.

Private Work Station with Style: Tuttomio by Campeggi

22 Apr 2014 at 10:41am

Talk about a funky place to work on your tablet or laptop (or phone for that matter). Totally private, yet quite open and airy. How did they do that? Italian designer Emanuele Magini created this incredible pod-like space for Campeggi (also of Italy). Magini has won several international awards and was a former set designer for Disney Italy. His Tuttomio is such a delightful small, protected and private nook where you can read, write, work, sleep - even day dream! Tuttomio means All Mine in Italian and this space truly is all yours - once inside, the outer world disappears. Viewed from the outside, it is a piece of design simplicity with great style that looks fantastic in any room. Can you imagine an office full of these work stations, everyone with their own "Tuttomio" space? Could this clever design become the office cubicle of the future? Here's hoping!

Charming Loveseat for the Garden: Dala by Dedon

17 Apr 2014 at 8:58am

The latest addition to the Dala Collection by Dedon is this charming loveseat with ample room for two to snuggle up on the patio. Or by the lake, or on the balcony, or out by the pool. Like the rest of the collection, the frame of this garden bed is built using expanded aluminum and woven with Dedon's proprietary ecological fiber, made from a mix of recycled food and drink packaging. Isn't that neat? Designed by Stephen Burks for Dedon, the collection keeps growing as its popularity soars. And it's easy to move around to take full advantage of the sun - the loveseat is set on rollerblade castors and glides almost effortlessly. And it's extremely lightweight. The removable table swivels and is perfect for holding that tall cool drink. Can't you imagine curling up on this loveseat with that special someone? Summertime, and the living is easy -- with the Dala Collection.

'Origine Du Monde, Maybe!' Chair by Italo Rota for Meritalia

7 Jun 2010 at 11:54pm
meritalia-chair-source-du-monde-1.jpg It?s a chair that brings ?creature comforts? back home. Dubbed the ?Origine Du Monde, Maybe!? chair, this unusual, ultra-modern chair was design by Italo Rota for Italian furniture house Meritalia. The soft hues complement the plush cushions perfectly, forming what the designed has described as ?uterine sensuality.? The cushions are made of memory foam which, in keeping with the obviously maternal theme of the design, reminds us of protection, rest and the future. The base is made from polished aluminum, irregular in shape, just like the chair concept as a whole, If you like unique, one-of-a-kind pieces, this is a must-see! Check it out at Meritalia. meritalia-chair-source-du-monde-2.jpg

Artwork Radiators by Caleido

14 May 2010 at 12:10pm
caleido-radiator-therme-1.jpg Is it a radiator, or is it artwork? These cool modern radiators by Caleido are both! The Therme home radiator is an masterful swirl of brilliant hues reminiscent of watercolor. For more-modern tastes, the Geiger radiator features a computer-generated design set on a sleek, black background. The elongated rectangular shape is easy to incorporate among your existing artwork, or let it steal the spotlight and feature it as an art piece all on its own. These cool radiators are by Karim Rashid, who stayed true to his signature funky style. These new radiators made their debut at Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2010. Fore more info visit Caleido. caleido-radiator-geiger-1.jpg

Funky Furniture by Bruehl - Coupole and Morning Dew

7 May 2010 at 12:03am
funky-furniture-bruehl-3.jpg This new funky furniture by German company Bruehl is inspired by natural forms with an ultra-modern edge. Featuring the ups and downs of mountaintops with an abstract twist, the Coupole sofa and armchair (pictured above) by designer Kati Meyer-Bruhl feature a curved back and armrests and a delicate body clad in fabric that?s heaven to the touch, available in white and sky blue. The Morning Dew chairs (pictured below), also by designer Kati Meyer-Bruhl, are inspired by tulips, with their graceful petals forming the back and arm rests. A soft seat in an irregular shape beckons. This modern flower-inspired chair is featured in vibrant rose and white upholstery, as well as red-and-white plaid. Combine the Coupole and Morning Dew lines for a fun living room or a funky family room. Visit Bruehl for details. funky-furniture-bruehl-1.jpg funky-furniture-bruehl-2.jpg funky-furniture-bruehl-4.jpg funky-furniture-bruehl-5.jpg

Outdoor Armchair Ibiscus and Sofa Meridienne by Moroso

29 Apr 2010 at 8:50pm
moroso-armchair-ibiscus-1.jpg The grand finale to the epic Moroso M?Afrique collection sends it out with a bang! As the final pieces of the outdoor furniture line, the Ibiscus armchair and the Meridienne sofa by designer Dominique Petot make a style statement that screams: Big! Bold! Beautiful! The design consists of wild shapes and even wilder woven patterns if you can imagine that. These vibrant red, brown and white patio pieces echo the shape of a traditional British armchair and lounger, with armrests and a high back to recline into. Frames come in the choice of natural or lacquered steel. Check out this cool outdoor furniture line at Moroso. moroso-sofa-meridienne-1.jpg


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