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Thursday, September 28, 2006

BE Wool Carpet Introduction by Glen Eden

Glen Eden which manufactures 100 percent New Zealand wool rugs and carpeting for residential and commercial environments, introduced just a new Carpet Line called BE.
Be Carpet by Glen EdenFollowing the success of the recent introduction of Marquise II and Glen Eden’s love of the trellis, we can bring you BE.
BE is a loop pile trellis in some of the best color combinations we have seen in quite some time. Perfect for staircases, rugs or broadloom, this product has a coordinating solid loop pile border 12inches and making it perfect also for creating a custom sized area rug. The use of a loop pile construction gives you a greater sense of dimension and depth. It comes standard in 16 Colors but as with any product of Glen Eden, even small quantities in custom colors matched to your liking can be custom made.

BE is the perfect carpet for the traditional interior that makes up the majority of our carpet business. The color combinations are perfect in the way that they compliment today’s fine fabrics. What you get as an end result is a balanced product that is refined and sophisticated.
Color Trends

Stop by at our Retail Store the Final Touch Interiors, at 365 Elwood Avenue in Hawthorne, where you can view all Products from Glen Eden including the new Wool Carpet introduction called BE.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Color Trends by Sherwin Williams

Color Trends

Sherwin Williams a Paint Manufacturer which sells it’s Paint directly to the Consumer just came out with a new Color Brochure for its Designers and Architects. I will present their Color Scheme introductions or Ideas in a non chronological order in my blog under the Category “Color”.

One Color Scheme, which called my attention is an interesting one:kinetic contrasts
“This is a very dramatic look - white and black with punches of color”

Color Trends


  * Laser-cut fabrics
  * Pop art/graphic art
  * High gloss finishes
  * Patterns influenced by body art
  * High contrast (white with black),
    bold accents

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Carpet Workroom from Final Touch Interiors aquires new portable Carpet Binding Maschine

As our customers are ordering more Carpet Runners and Area Rugs for their Homes, we realized that our Carpet Workroom needed a new portable Carpet-Binder to improve our efficiency when working on the Job. Our old Carpet Binder just was not up to the Job anymore.
After talking to several Suppliers, we decided to get the new NC Millennium 2005 portable Carpet Binder.
Carpet Binding MachineHaving bought from NC in the past several Products, like for our Drapery Workroom and our Carpet Workroom, we have been always very satisfied with their products and especially their customer support. And also their proximity to our Business Location was a big factor too.
Especially we have been very satisfied with their industrial TPB Carpet Binder. This workhorse is the world’s most capable carpet binder. It binds up to 3 inches, applies fringe, and even sews on serging tape. This bobbin-less, self oiling machine requires minimum maintenance and binds 4-5 times faster than conventional carpet binders. Powered by 2 independently driven clutches, this double puller handles dense, tough backed carpets with ease. The TPB is a lifetime machine designed to withstand multiple daily shifts in our Carpet Workroom. One of my best in investments, to get all Carpet Binding Jobs nice and perfect done.
Now to get back to the portable Millennium 2005; it is a quite interesting Binder which is bobinless, no more bobbins, just two large Spools of thread. It accommodates several different kind of Binding Tape including serging Tape an important factor.  And its speed is a phenomenal 23feet per minute (1380 feet per hour) on Cove Base. Last week we took the new Baby out for a run on a large Job. Instead of being on the Job for 2 days or having to bring the Carpet to our Workroom (an unnecessary step) to get the individual pieces bound, we got it done in one day. Not only was the Customer happy that we finished the job so fast, also my carpet installers were quite happy with a big job done so efficiently.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Best of the best in energy efficiency

All window coverings help defend your home against summer and winter cold.
The design, materials and construction of the window coverings discussed here enable them to make a more significant contribution to energy efficiency.

Show Me the Savings

Energy efficient window treatments help you to:
Cut heat loss in winter and increase your home’s cozy comfort as the slow the escape of warm air. Window treatments act as insulation, covering glass to keep warm air inside (see illustration)
Energy efficiency illustrated

Cut infiltration of solar heat, the single largest contributor to the workload of your home’s cooling system.
Save money on utilities and save the natural resources used to generate energy.

Save your interiors fabrics, furnishings and woods from fading and deterioration.


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Interior Design News

Charming Loveseat for the Garden: Dala by Dedon

17 Apr 2014 at 8:58am

The latest addition to the Dala Collection by Dedon is this charming loveseat with ample room for two to snuggle up on the patio. Or by the lake, or on the balcony, or out by the pool. Like the rest of the collection, the frame of this garden bed is built using expanded aluminum and woven with Dedon's proprietary ecological fiber, made from a mix of recycled food and drink packaging. Isn't that neat? Designed by Stephen Burks for Dedon, the collection keeps growing as its popularity soars. And it's easy to move around to take full advantage of the sun - the loveseat is set on rollerblade castors and glides almost effortlessly. And it's extremely lightweight. The removable table swivels and is perfect for holding that tall cool drink. Can't you imagine curling up on this loveseat with that special someone? Summertime, and the living is easy -- with the Dala Collection.

Bathroom Sink in a Box: Hidden by Makro

17 Apr 2014 at 8:36am

A powder room hidden in a box - what will they think of next? Hidden, by Makro of Italy, was designed by Giulio Gianturco. The box is made from thermo treated wood in Hemlock finish - both nautical and reminiscent of the travelers' trunks of times gone by. The sink basin is Corian, the taps stainless steel. There's a light, a plug, a drawer and a mirror with a magnifier - what more could you ask for? Perfect for a make-up station or a hidden sink in the bathroom. When closed, Hidden becomes an elegant box, highlighted by the fine wood grain. Even just as a box, it's gorgeous! But imagine the surprise when your guest lifts the top and finds the perfectly contained wash station. And the best part? Closing the lid means you hide any mess - the fastest clean up in the world!

Retro Kitchen with 1950s Flare: St. Louis by Marchi Cucine

15 Apr 2014 at 9:33am

From Marchi Cucine of Italy comes this stunning retro-look kitchen, dubbed St. Louis, and new for 2014. Isn't it just peachy-keen? Made of lacquered woods, this kitchen stands up to the fine quality that the Marchi Group is known for, world wide. The rounded corners and pastel colors are such a flashback in time - we can just see the 50's family, gathering around for a meal. But at the same time, it has a modern flair -- isn't it just a little bit Jetsons? And aren't those rounded-corner windows in the cupboards just charming? And we love the porthole windows on the oven, with it's mesh screens. This room just screams Buddy Holly, Elvis and the gang. What a blast from the past. Time to pull out your grandmother's recipe for macaroni and cheese and get cooking!

Astonishing Faucet with Clear Glass Spout: Axor Stark V

13 Apr 2014 at 2:08pm

It's like a science lesson and a stunning bathroom faucet rolled into one. Until it is turned on, it's another glass faucet spout. And then, the magic begins. When the mixer is turned on, a water vortex is created -- and sent rushing up the glass spout where it cascades out like a waterfall. And you can see the whole thing. In a partnership between Hansgrohe and Axor, the Axor Starck V was born(designed by Phillip Starck). The incredible faucet is available for regular drop-in sinks and vessel sinks (as a single hole installation) as well as a two hole installation. No matter which you choose, you'll spend a lot of time watching the mixer create the vortex of water and send it along for your use. A transparent process, and one we have never given much thought to, will now endlessly fascinate you. It's almost a shame to hide it in the bathroom!

'Origine Du Monde, Maybe!' Chair by Italo Rota for Meritalia

7 Jun 2010 at 11:54pm
meritalia-chair-source-du-monde-1.jpg It?s a chair that brings ?creature comforts? back home. Dubbed the ?Origine Du Monde, Maybe!? chair, this unusual, ultra-modern chair was design by Italo Rota for Italian furniture house Meritalia. The soft hues complement the plush cushions perfectly, forming what the designed has described as ?uterine sensuality.? The cushions are made of memory foam which, in keeping with the obviously maternal theme of the design, reminds us of protection, rest and the future. The base is made from polished aluminum, irregular in shape, just like the chair concept as a whole, If you like unique, one-of-a-kind pieces, this is a must-see! Check it out at Meritalia. meritalia-chair-source-du-monde-2.jpg

Artwork Radiators by Caleido

14 May 2010 at 12:10pm
caleido-radiator-therme-1.jpg Is it a radiator, or is it artwork? These cool modern radiators by Caleido are both! The Therme home radiator is an masterful swirl of brilliant hues reminiscent of watercolor. For more-modern tastes, the Geiger radiator features a computer-generated design set on a sleek, black background. The elongated rectangular shape is easy to incorporate among your existing artwork, or let it steal the spotlight and feature it as an art piece all on its own. These cool radiators are by Karim Rashid, who stayed true to his signature funky style. These new radiators made their debut at Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2010. Fore more info visit Caleido. caleido-radiator-geiger-1.jpg

Funky Furniture by Bruehl - Coupole and Morning Dew

7 May 2010 at 12:03am
funky-furniture-bruehl-3.jpg This new funky furniture by German company Bruehl is inspired by natural forms with an ultra-modern edge. Featuring the ups and downs of mountaintops with an abstract twist, the Coupole sofa and armchair (pictured above) by designer Kati Meyer-Bruhl feature a curved back and armrests and a delicate body clad in fabric that?s heaven to the touch, available in white and sky blue. The Morning Dew chairs (pictured below), also by designer Kati Meyer-Bruhl, are inspired by tulips, with their graceful petals forming the back and arm rests. A soft seat in an irregular shape beckons. This modern flower-inspired chair is featured in vibrant rose and white upholstery, as well as red-and-white plaid. Combine the Coupole and Morning Dew lines for a fun living room or a funky family room. Visit Bruehl for details. funky-furniture-bruehl-1.jpg funky-furniture-bruehl-2.jpg funky-furniture-bruehl-4.jpg funky-furniture-bruehl-5.jpg

Outdoor Armchair Ibiscus and Sofa Meridienne by Moroso

29 Apr 2010 at 8:50pm
moroso-armchair-ibiscus-1.jpg The grand finale to the epic Moroso M?Afrique collection sends it out with a bang! As the final pieces of the outdoor furniture line, the Ibiscus armchair and the Meridienne sofa by designer Dominique Petot make a style statement that screams: Big! Bold! Beautiful! The design consists of wild shapes and even wilder woven patterns if you can imagine that. These vibrant red, brown and white patio pieces echo the shape of a traditional British armchair and lounger, with armrests and a high back to recline into. Frames come in the choice of natural or lacquered steel. Check out this cool outdoor furniture line at Moroso. moroso-sofa-meridienne-1.jpg


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