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Javascript Thumbnail viewer

For quite a while I was using on my blogsite 24/7talk interior design a javascript thumbnail viewer which worked out quite well for me, only a 100% validation with W3C was never possible as some of the used expressions were not XHTML compliant. Something that I personally bothered me quite a bit. So after searching for a replacement, I found a new javascript thumbnail viewer which is similar in its capabilities than what I used. I ended up with Highslide JS an open source JavaScript software, offering a Web 2.0 approach to popup windows. As per the Author Thorstein Hons, it does streamlines the use of thumbnail images and HTML pop-ups on web pages. The library offers these features and advantages

  • No plug-ins like Flash or Java required.
  • Pop-up blockers are no problem. The content expands within the active browser window.
  • Single click. After opening the image or HTML popup, the user can scroll further down or leave the page without closing it.
  • Compatibility and safe fallback. If the user has disabled JavaScript or is using an old browser, the browser redirects directly to the image itself or to a fallback HTML page.

I started to use some of the code already and except of some small missing necessary CSS adjustments it does perform perfectly and also validates as 100% XHTML. As with any new Software one has to work with it for a while to get used to its strengths and or weaknesses. One reason also that I choose Highslide JS was that the Author has an active Support Forum with great support.

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