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Motorized Sun Shades for Skylights

One effective way in controlling Sunlight and heat in your Home or Office is with Solar Sun Screen fabrics which are used with Roller Shades or Roman Style Window Coverings.

Somfy Sun Sensor Control Panel
Somfy Sun Sensor - Control Panel

Just last week we tackled an Issue of Sun protection and Heat in one of my Client’s Home. Our Client wanted a atractive protection from heat and solar glare for his Hallway. A couple Issues we had to deal with:

  • Height of Shade Installation - over 20ft in a narrow Stairway
  • Length of Shade over 15ft
  • Depth of Shade – no possible interference with Smoke/Fire Detectors
  • Visual Attractiveness of Shade – in open as well closed position
  • automated operation required

Solar Skylight in open positionl
installed Solar Skylight in open position
We solved the problem with installing a solar screen skylight shade, controlled by a smart Somfy Sun Sensor and an additional standard Switch control to enable the user to override the opening or closing of the Solar Screen Shade from the smart automated Somfy Sun Sensor. Solar Skylight Shade in retracted position
Solar Skylight Shade in retracted position
Installation went without any problems and after the usual adjustments, the motorized Solar Sun Screen worked like it should. It will close when the Sun rises (as required) and opens at dawn again to let additional light into the Stairwell.

How did you get the screen to move horozontaly? I mean i understand the whole up and down with the weighted hem bar but i dont know how to get it to meve horozontally, and which company did that i think it is really awesome

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